High Intensity Interval Training – No Joke

Screen shot

Screen shot from exercise DVD

I love the 10 Minute Solutions line of exercise DVDS – especially the Pilates programs. When this 10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training DVD was sent to me I thought it would be good to try a different type of exercise.

It is well done with great lighting, audio, colors; all the good things I expect from a 10 Minute Solutions exercise DVD. The instructor is great; she talks you through the moves, explains how she is making your heart beat faster and then slowing it down.

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Thunder By Bonnie Calhoun | Book Review

Where do I start? Technically I think Thunder: A Novel (Stone Braide Chronicles) is a YA book, but that doesn’t really matter to me if the story is interesting – and it is. It is a dystopian story set in the future after the world as we know it was wiped out. The surroundings and conditions are different than we are familiar with, but the feelings and reactions of humans are ever the same. At first the readers really have no clue what is going on because everything is so unfamiliar, but the story unfolds quickly and tells us what we need to know. The story moved at a good pace for me. It is unpredictable enough to be interesting, but not so unpredictable that it is upsetting.

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How To Make An Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

apple cinnamon smoothie

cc photo from Flickr by mallydally

This smoothie “recipe” was put together by my 11 year old son. Since my children make the smoothies on their own I now am able to have smoothies in the morning without having to make them. It’s a win-win.

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Life On The Family Farm By Tom Heck | Book Review

Life on the Family Farm: Under an Open Heaven is a positive and challenging look at farm life. Tom Heck’s writing comes across as if he were sitting across the table telling about the latest excitement at his house. You don’t have to know about farming to enjoy this book; it’s not full of big words or any lingo that only farmers know. He matter-of-factly talks about  good times as well as storms, trials, sickness, and even death of animals while keeping his faith that God answers prayer and will always help us.

The book is 76 short stories with a Biblical challenge in each one. He originally wrote them as newspaper columns and they spread across America. Readers that love his column asked for a book and here it is! It is easy to pick it up for a quick break, read one or two stories, and go on your way.

I am challenged by the way that he takes something that goes wrong on the farm and finds something to be thankful for about it. Anyone that has spent any time around a farm knows that it is a lot of hard work, but in this book Tom’s joy of farming comes through every story.

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