The Princess Spy By Melanie Dickerson | Book Review

Set in the time of knights and sword fights, The Princess Spy is a fun YA book. While there is some romance in the book it is not the central story. Mainly, the hero and heroine are fighting for their lives and the lives of her family. The events of the story ensure that their lives will never be the same again; but they mature throughout the story and view things in a better way at the end.

The story is in a time of walking or horseback riding, cheese and bread as a typical lunch, dungeons, secret passageways, and greedy aristocrats that want to take over more than they should. There is a variety of interesting characters sprinkled throughout but a lot of the time it is just the hero and heroine fleeing the villain’s men. The story jumps back and forth between their points of view without confusion or duplication. Including the different languages of German and English and the fact that the hero could not speak both languages made for some interesting moments and kept it true to life.

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A Day In The Life Of Fred The Minion

minion on table

This is where my girl left me.

Hello! My owner rescued me from the shelf in Walmart and gave me a nice home in her bedroom. She named me Fred and we have done a lot of things together. Recently she had to go away for the weekend and left me at home with her mother.

Instead of playing what I wanted to play her mother strongly suggested that I help her throughout the day.

We started by putting in some laundry. There is always laundry that can be washed. So glad that she has machines and I didn’t have to hand scrub anything; my stuffing would have gotten quite wet.

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Check Out Our New Canvas Map From Paperramma

customized wall artI have some new art on the wall above our piano, and I love it. It’s called an interactive map and it’s from Paperramma. [Tip: Notice that there are two “m’s” in their name. I kept forgetting that, landing on an error page, and panicking for 3 seconds before realizing I forgot the 2nd “m.”]

When they asked me what product I would like to review, the maps caught my eye right away. They have a lot of other nice things, and I almost picked a house rules design. The family silhouette prints were really tempting too, but in the end I stayed with what caught my eye first – the map.

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