To Win Her Favor By Tamera Alexander | Book Review

I’d forgotten how good of a writer Tamera Alexander is. I think, sometimes, the thickness of the book makes me pick up another. I need to stop that! Whenever I do read one of her books I really enjoy them. They are usually a bit more serious, more dramatic, thought provoking, and heart rending.

To Win Her Favor (A Belle Meade Plantation Novel) is written during the late 1800’s in Tennessee during the turbulent time period shortly after the Civil War when the South was suffering in many ways. I knew that the freed slaves had problems and were often hurt in terrible ways; I did not remember that there was so much hate against the Irish.

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Gathered Waters By Cara Luecht | Book Review

Cara Luecht took the written memories of her grandmother’s aunt and used them as the basis for Gathered Waters. How awesome is that! This is still a historical fiction book, but knowing that some of the things really happened made me read with a different mindset.

The story is told from the heroine’s viewpoint. At the beginning of the story Brianna seems unsure and kind of lost; she doesn’t know what she wants out of life. As the story unfolds she grows stronger emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She is a very different person when the story ends. I pray that if I ever have to go through similar situations I would handle them with as much grace and courage.

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The Undertaker’s Wife By Dee Oliver | Book Review

I signed up to review The Undertaker’s Wife: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Laughter in the Unlikeliest of Places because it is such an unusual story line, and I wanted to know how she would write a comedy around the death of her husband. Also, I’ve always wondered a bit about what it’s like to be on the inside of the funeral home business. I ended up devouring the book, and read it in one day.

She managed to make me smile when the circumstances were really quite shocking – or downright weird. She mixes humor with some really good advice as she shares stories of her life. I love that she turned to the Lord and prayer when she first needed help and comfort; and she continues to spend time with Him each day.

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Every Bride Needs A Groom By Janice Thompson | Book Review

Another fun read from Janice Thompson! Every Bride Needs a Groom (Brides with Style) is centered around the town of Fairfield, Texas and has the same flavor as the Weddings By Design series. There are close family ties that support and smother at the same time and small town living where everyone knows your business. There is laughter and hope with only a tiny bit of disappointment and secrets.

The hero is the perfect gentleman. While he does have a physical flaw there is not any major character flaw and he doesn’t change throughout the story. The heroine undergoes a change of location, change of mind, and change of heart. She still weathers everything excellently and manages to heal a rift in her family at the same time. That’s the stuff that romantic comedy is made of!

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Halo Found Hope By Helo Matzelle | Book Review

This is a true story, not a fiction book this time; and it is amazing. I did have to read Halo Found Hope a little bit at a time because it was overwhelming for me – just reading it. I can’t imagine living through it.

Total disclosure here: I scanned some of the early chapters because it was very uncomfortable to read about the tumor and the operation. I do understand why she wrote it. I would not have gotten as much from the rest of the book if I did not know what she went through.

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