In Perfect Time By Sarah Sundin | Book Review

in perfect timeI have been eagerly awaiting Kay’s story and it did not disappoint. The Wings Of The Nightingale series gets better with each book; unfortunately, I think that In Perfect Time is the last of this series. I think you could start with this one and it would make sense, but it will have more meaning if you read them in order.

The hero and heroine in this story keep crossing paths since she is a flight nurse and he is a pilot. Both of them go through major life changes as well as emotional changes. Physically the most trying time was when they were forced to crash land behind enemy lines and hide for months until they could be evacuated. Emotionally they have problems to deal with from their families and childhood years. With the Lord’s help they work through all of those things and come out stronger at the end.

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Read To Your Children!

read to childrenI have read to my children since birth and still do to this day even though they can all now read to me. We take turns.

As my children grew they started pulling random books off library shelves or wanting the one story the librarian had read that all the other kids wanted too. Sigh. However, their vocabulary was expanding, they were practicing social skills, and even a bit of drama skills from the wonderful story time lady that passionately brought the stories to life. 

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Death Takes A Ride By Lorena McCourtney | Book Review

I really enjoy the Cate Kinkaid Files and have read all of them in order, but I think if you pick up Death Takes a Ride you’ll still enjoy it and understand everything just fine. It’s a mystery, but not too traumatic – which is just the way I like them.

Cate, the heroine, gets her official PI license in this story and is finally taking over the business from her uncle. I like that the story is told completely from Cate’s point of view and the reader is privy to her thoughts and emotions. We get “behind the scenes” of her investigative process, but we also learn about surprises at the same time as Cate.

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