Sabotaged By Dani Pettrey | Book Review

Sabotaged has an interesting angle with the famous dog sled race, Iditarod. Kirra, the heroine, has her life pretty much together, but struggles with a past problem. Reef McKenna has done some growing up and is not the same as Kirra remembers. Together they have to run for their lives and save her uncle and cousin. They use snowmobiles, cars, planes, helicopters, and feet for transportation. The fact that I don’t know the geography or cities referred to didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story.

The characters felt real – not too perfect and not too flawed. While it would be a good read as a stand alone book it is better read as part of the series. Reef is at least mentioned in all 5 of the books and Kirra is in number 4. The main characters from the other books play a part in the story and I enjoyed knowing their back story. The villains are equally as well written with the true leaders keeping secrets from their fall guys.

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Remember The Lilies By Liz Tolsma | Book Review

This is a very interesting story that takes place in the Philippines during WWII.  I’ve read several books about Japanese Americans being placed in camps in the United States, but Remember the Lilies is the first fiction story I read about Americans being interned during the war. It really is a good story with surprises throughout. The camp itself as well as some of the good – and bad – incidents are based on historical facts. Of course there are some fictional people and things added to make it a great book.

For me the faith of the heroine’s aunt is the star of the story. The heroine uses what the aunt has taught her to make it through some tough times and to help others around her. I enjoyed the verses and advice shared in the story through the aunt, and though my circumstances are nowhere near as dire as the characters are the verses can apply to my life and encourage me.

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My Quote For This Year

I saw this quote by William Morris in passing over a year ago, and thought, “Oh, that’s nice.” This year I’ve grabbed ahold of it as a motto and fallen in love with it.

minimalist quote by william morris

Have nothing in your life that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.


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A Stitch In Crime By Cathy Elliott | Book Review

This is another in the Quilts of Love Series, but I didn’t like it. My apologies to the author who I’m sure worked very hard. A Stitch in Crime is grammatically well-written and executed.

It doesn’t center around a particular type of quilt; more around a quilt show and contest – which is totally fine. The characters are quite believable and the references to scripture are appropriate and good reminders.

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A Word To Describe Me | #loveme challenge

imaginativeLast year when I was invited to be part of a collaboration with other mothers I was immediately interested. The criteria was to take a picture or short video clip of myself with a word describing me.

How in the world do I pick just one word to describe myself!?! When I asked some friends they said, “creative. musical. friendly. cute.” [of course someone said cute!] Yes, I am those things. I’m also cheerful and determined; occasionally patient and hard-working. Those are just the positive adjectives; I try not to dwell on the negative.

After all – that’s what this #lovemechallenge is all about, right?

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