Dauntless By Dina L. Sleiman | Book Review

I enjoy the story of Robin Hood so when I saw that Dauntless (Valiant Hearts) was similar I decided to read it. Then when I got it I worried that it would be too similar, but the author addresses the similarities right up front in the beginning and I didn’t mind at all. Bottom line: I really enjoyed this book.

I can honestly say that I wasn’t sure how this plot line was going to turn out. I was pleasantly surprised by all the things going on. What I thought was going to be the climax was only half way through the book! That turned out to be a good thing.

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How To Catch A Prince By Rachel Hauck | Book Review

There’s a supernatural twist in How to Catch a Prince (Royal Wedding Series) that I wasn’t sure about at first. Rachel Hauck worked it into the story very well; and it definitely made me think. It is an interesting element, for sure, with the mix of earthly and heavenly…hmm…

The story is told from the hero and heroine’s view points [with a tiny bit from an antagonist]. I think it is well written without overlapping/repetitive information and no confusion. The heroine lives a very different lifestyle than I do, but the focus on her feelings and actions make her relatable. The hero, well…sometimes I just wanted to smack him. LOL He turns out ok, but he definitely changes through the story. The heroine has a “moment” early in the plot that helps her decide what to do and sets her course through the rest of the book.

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The Beauty of Grace Edited By Dawn Camp | Book Review

I’ll admit that I asked to review The Beauty of Grace as soon as I saw the words “Dawn Camp” and “photography.” I didn’t really look at what it was actually about!

I’ve liked Dawn since I met her at a blogging conference years ago. She has 8 children, home schools, has her own website and shop, as well as freelances for other sites, keeps up to date with photoshop and photography, and now has a book! Just reading all that gives me hope that it is possible for me to have a family and a fun life.

The book is a collection of “stories of God’s love;” they are like the blog posts that I’ve read by those authors. You get insight from about 40 different authors that share a lesson they have learned from their life. Dawn took the best of the best and combined them into 7 categories which all together make up The Beauty of Grace.

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Then Sings My Soul By Amy K Sorells | Book Review

The main feeling I get when thinking about Then Sings My Soul: A Novel is sadness. Sad for Jakob’s family that was in the genocide in Eastern Europe in the early 1900s. Sad for the heroine that can’t have children. Sad that she didn’t visit her mother sooner; sad for the decline of her father. Sad for the high school friend that made a mess of his life. Sad for the other people in the nursing home. It’s a lot of sadness.

There are glimpses of hope and redemption, but for me they were overwhelmed by sadness. Even when things turned out better I felt regret for what could have been. That part of it was very true to life; during that time in history there was much sadness.

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Betting On Hope By Debra Clopton | Book Review

There is something about Debra Clopton’s stories that I really enjoy. I’m not sure if it’s the small town settings, the cowboys, the crazy ladies, the humor, the hint of mystery, or the true-to-life quality of the heroines that I like the most; but when she puts them together it’s a fun read, for sure.

I fell in love with her previously written Mule Hollow series the minute I read about Lacy driving her pink cadillac in to town. It’s one of the few Love Inspired collections that I have kept. I was so excited to see Betting on Hopeas a full size book [do they call it a trade book?] from Debra Clopton. I’ve previously only found Love Inspired books and novellas by her.

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