How To Make An Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

apple cinnamon smoothie

cc photo from Flickr by mallydally

This smoothie “recipe” was put together by my 11 year old son. Since my children make the smoothies on their own I now am able to have smoothies in the morning without having to make them. It’s a win-win.

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Life On The Family Farm By Tom Heck | Book Review

Life on the Family Farm: Under an Open Heaven is a positive and challenging look at farm life. Tom Heck’s writing comes across as if he were sitting across the table telling about the latest excitement at his house. You don’t have to know about farming to enjoy this book; it’s not full of big words or any lingo that only farmers know. He matter-of-factly talks about  good times as well as storms, trials, sickness, and even death of animals while keeping his faith that God answers prayer and will always help us.

The book is 76 short stories with a Biblical challenge in each one. He originally wrote them as newspaper columns and they spread across America. Readers that love his column asked for a book and here it is! It is easy to pick it up for a quick break, read one or two stories, and go on your way.

I am challenged by the way that he takes something that goes wrong on the farm and finds something to be thankful for about it. Anyone that has spent any time around a farm knows that it is a lot of hard work, but in this book Tom’s joy of farming comes through every story.

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Our Cheapest Vacation Yet!

cheap vacationWe really looked forward to having a vacation this year. With moving to a new area and my husband’s extra work load we hadn’t gone anywhere for a year and we were ready to do something. LOL

The goal was to keep the vacation low cost to not add financial stress to our family. Adding financial stress kind of counteracts the point of taking a vacation to relax, right?

Listen to the following video to hear the 4 main things we did to keep our vacation under $1,000. For a family of 5 that averages to $200 a person. Woot!

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We Tried Cookie Stuffed Pies But Weren’t Impressed

cookie stuffed pieThis was one of those pins on Pinterest that I couldn’t get out of my mind until I tried it – Peanut Butter Cup Cookie-Stuffed Pies. [psst- follow me on Pinterest!] Basically, Pillsbury wants you to buy their cookie dough and their pie crust to put together and bake.

Making my own cookie dough is cheaper and healthier so I mixed up my normal batch. A big difference that might have affected our response to this dessert is that Pillsbury recommends using Peanut butter cup cookies and I just made regular chocolate chip cookies. Umm, peanut butter cups don’t last long enough around here for me to put them in cookies.

I did buy the Pillsbury pie crusts, because hello – pie crusts… ‘nough said. In the following video I show you exactly what my girls and I did.

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