My Love For The Nesting Place

The Nesting PlaceI absolutely LOVE this book. The strange thing is that I don’t particularly like The Nester’s style. I wouldn’t want a sailfish or a white deer head; and I really don’t like white walls. I don’t love this book for the pictures – even though they are really nice pictures. I love it for the words. You see, Nester gave me permission to be myself. She tells me that “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” and I believe her because she creates places that are beautiful in their imperfections; places that say “This is our home and we love it and the people that dwell within.”

Let me rewind a bit. is one of the first blogs I fell in love with around 2007. [I got to meet her in 2009 at my first blogging conference and she is super nice in person too!] First after reading her blog I was appalled that she was taping and stapling her curtains. Then I envied her freedom to do [what seemed to me] crazy things in her house that turned out awesome. Finally I clung to her saying and tried crazy things in my house like painting “God bless our nest” on the white wall in black paint. Not the greatest decorating idea but I was proud of it because I broke out of my self-imposed walls of “What if I don’t do it right?!” Nester told me there is no decorating police and I can decorate my house however I want. My next bold step was painting dark purple walls in my bedroom, and I absolutely loved it! I would do that again in a heartbeat. Within a few months of moving into that house there was not a full white wall left in the whole place. I was a painting whirlwind. I even painted the bricks.

Then we moved into a rental…

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Shenandoah Dreams By Lisa Belcastro | Book Review

The historical tidbits are plentiful in Shenandoah Dreams; whether they are from a twenty-first century captain taking high schoolers for a cruise or from an eighteenth century captain that is living the history instead of telling stories.

The heroine is a teacher that loves kids even though she doesn’t have any of her own. She has been through some tough times, but managed to get her life together and enjoys her camera and her cat. She is kind and thoughtful and careful of others feelings. I appreciated that when the heroine goes back in time the author doesn’t drop the contemporary side or give it a silly excuse. The people genuinely look for and mourn the character that traveled back through time.

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The Meaning Of Jendi

I got a kick out of this and have to share it! For the record – I have always loved my first name and I enjoy being unique. [That's basically a fancy term for "weird" - right?]

what does Jendi mean


I do know that there are several other ladies in America with the name Jendi. We have never met in person, but we have communicated via the internet. Considering that – I don’t know how much I should believe the rest of what it says.

Have you met anyone else named “Jendi?”

The Butterfly And The Violin By Kristy Cambron | Book Review

This book is amazing. I’m definitely keeping The Butterfly and the Violin (A Hidden Masterpiece Novel). I’m not usually a fan of jumping back and forth between history and modern times, but I’m really glad that Kristy Cambron did in this story. Just when one time period was getting a bit slow it would switch to the other time period. That really helped keep my interest. Since the historical part is about the 1940s in Vienna and Auschwitz it becomes really emotional and the contemporary part relieves some of the sadness and despair.

There are so many types of love shown in this story. There is romantic love, there is love for country, familial love, compassionate love for others, frustrated love that can’t help as much as they want, and God’s love working through each type of love shown.

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