Go West With Mary Connealy

sophies daughtersOn Saturday I realized that I read 5 books the past week. And they were all by Mary Connealy. I had immersed myself in the American West of the 1800s. [That's a nicer way to put it instead of saying I binged read until midnight almost every night.]

I started with the Sophie’s  Daughters trilogy; the order that I liked them is the order that they were written in. I like the first one the best. In each one there is romance but the people and events around them take center stage so that the characters can survive; it was a rough time in the American west.

Each heroine is a strong lead but realizes that she can’t do everything – nor should she. There is a strong sense of family and respect for God. Each heroine has a prayer for times of trouble that comes out naturally; short but heartfelt. The heroes are more varied then the heroines. Both the heroes and heroines go through major physical life changes in each book. I thoroughly enjoyed these stories and made room on my book shelf for them.

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Miracle In A Dry Season By Sarah Loudin Thomas | Book Review

I’m really not sure what to think of Miracle in a Dry Season. The writing itself in this story is well done. There is a good mixture of dialogue and description. There is a main story and a couple subplots. The people are true to life and there is happiness as well as sadness in the story. Family love, neighborly love, and romantic love are all well portrayed.

The heroine thinks as a modern heroine but the story is set in the 1950s. I have not read many stories set in that time period. Her character is set and pretty much stays the same throughout the story. She deals with her problems in the beginning the same way that she deals with them at the end. I understand why the people had a hard time accepting what they didn’t understand with the food. The preacher acted despicably multiple times and I was glad to see him go. The hero is a good hero. He does change his character emotionally and spiritually throughout the story. He acts out what he already believed. I enjoyed the carpentry angle, and the way he works through things with his parents. Read More

A Grand Design By Amber Stockton | Book Review

The books in the Quilts of Love Series are so-o varied! Some struggle with heavy issues while others are just a fun read. This one, A Grand Design, falls in the middle, but leans toward the lighter side.

I did really enjoy the setting of Mackinac Island where people are not allowed to drive cars. The buggies, bikes, and walking make it interesting. The information about the Grand Hotel is a nice touch too. I’m glad that I had already watched the movie Somewhere in Time so I understood a little bit when the characters refer to it.

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