Firefly Summer By Kathleen Y’Barbo | Book Review

Reading this book felt like I was hearing a story of a friend’s life. Firefly Summer (Hometown Romance) is messy and real, but thankfully still has a happy ending.

I appreciate that the heroine, Sessa, is not a starry eyed twenty year old. She is someone that has been through the pain of losing her husband through death, and losing her son through his bad decisions. Sessa has a great support group that are there for her – sometimes more than she wants them to be. She is a hard worker that has regrets, but keeps doing the best that she can and doesn’t give up. The changes that she goes through during the story are emotional and mental decisions.

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The Methuselah Project By Rick Barry | Book Review

I think I read this book in 2 sittings, maybe 3, because I didn’t want to put it down. The Methuselah Project: A Novel slightly reminded me of Captain America because of the young soldier living extra long, but the soldier in the book doesn’t get any extra powers. He does become extremely well versed in literature because of all the time he has to read while he is held captive.

The story starts by switching back and forth between the hero in 1943 and the heroine in 2014. Frankly, her side of the story is a bit boring in comparison to his, but it is good to know her back story for later in the plot. The voice also switches between the hero and heroine for most of the story except for a tiny bit when we get the villain’s point of view.

The hero starts out as a cocky pilot and ends as a Bible believing, humble, yet confident man – that still wants to fly. He undergoes physical, mental, and emotional change yet comes out on top. He’s a very likable character and he reacts to the situations as well as he can. I can’t even imagine having my life extended just to live in a prison cell out of touch with the rest of the world. Then on top of that he gets dumped into modern day society with no clue about all the changes that have happened in seventy years.

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Grateful For My Family

grateful for familyOne of the things in life we can’t choose is which family we are born into. However, I believe that God has put every person into the exact family He wants them in. God never says, “Oops, that child was supposed to be in the other family.” There is no way that we can know the reasons behind everything that God does, and we have to keep in mind that we live in an imperfect world.

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Grateful For My Husband

The gratitude challenge prompt for this week is “spouse.” I’m going to write it in a list form instead of explaining every detail because the more I wrote, the more I thought of that I could write.

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