Check Out Our New Canvas Map From Paperramma

customized wall artI have some new art on the wall above our piano, and I love it. It’s called an interactive map and it’s from Paperramma. [Tip: Notice that there are two “m’s” in their name. I kept forgetting that, landing on an error page, and panicking for 3 seconds before realizing I forgot the 2nd “m.”]

When they asked me what product I would like to review, the maps caught my eye right away. They have a lot of other nice things, and I almost picked a house rules design. The family silhouette prints were really tempting too, but in the end I stayed with what caught my eye first – the map.

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Season Of Forgiveness By Templa Melnick | Book Review

The description of Season of Forgiveness: A Novel (Seasons In Riverbend Book 1) interested me and I agreed to review it, but only had low expectations. This story blew my expectations out of the water! It is really good. Half way through I had to check to make sure it is a fiction story and not a biography written from an old diary or letters.

The heroine, Emma, is the mother of 7 boys from the ages of 2 to 19; and has to be able to live a self-sufficient lifestyle and provide for her family in the Colorado Rockies. Emma grew up in a mining town, was fortunate to go to boarding school & nursing school, and now lives on a cattle ranch with her husband. She battles the natural elements of Colorado in 1904 as well as human elements that don’t like the fact her stepmother was an Indian and that she owns some land in an important area. Emma is close to the Lord and treasures His guidance through her daily life. She actively works on forgiving others and being a Godly example to other women that do not know the Lord.  She is almost too perfect, but she is a good heroine and her actions made me think of how I could be a better witness and show Christ’s love through my life.

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Me vs. The Bread Machine

bread machine

It was supposed to be easy; just dump the ingredients in and push the button to make the bread. In theory that is correct. However, the first time I did that the paddle wasn’t fastened into the bottom and there was no way for the Bread Machine to mix the dough.

It’s my husband’s fault. If I think long enough I can blame everything on my husband. Everything. In this case, he was the person that previously used the bread machine [and turned out a very nice loaf] but when he returned the pieces to the bread machine he did not fasten the paddle in.

I know that I should have checked it for myself, but I’m short and with the bread machine on the back of the counter I have to make the extra pull-out-the-machine-and-stretch-up-to-see-the-bottom effort. Believe me, I check it every time now.

When my husband came home and saw that the ingredients were not mixed he tilted and fastened and pushed buttons and the bread was eatable – just a lot later then supper. It was very nice of him; it did also confirm that most people don’t have such a struggle with the bread machine – it’s just me; and little did I know that my struggles were just starting.

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