Swept Away By Hilton & Loven | Book Review

Some books make me feel like all of the story has been told; that whatever is not written is just not important. Swept Away: Quilts of Love Series is not like that. It makes me feel like there is much more to the story; like we only crossed paths with the characters for a short amount of time and they have a lot that they have already been through and even more that they are going to do in the future.

The hero of this story has already been through a rough time and become a better person. During the story he is polished just a bit more, and is once again ready to face anything. He is steady and kind as well as a good worker and artist. I enjoyed the way he adds the Wordless Book to his brooms.

The heroine is just starting her struggle. Her life was going along fine until she has to face her grandmothers illness, her need for the Lord, her lingering guilt from her parents death, and the handyman who far exceeds her expectations. I understand how she can get lost in a book, although I’m not quite that much of a history buff. The changes and people around her come into place at just the right times when she is ready to listen and learn.

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Toddler Definitions For Household Items

toddler definitions

Let me set the stage for you: It’s 2007. I’m a stay at home mom with a 5, 3, and 1 year old. Blogging and the internet give me a creative outlet, but really I was grasping for every bit of adult conversation I could get. By  “talking” online the other person could not see the disaster my house – and myself – were in. The kids, though, they looked cute and were full of energy!

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Smile While You Exercise With These DVDs

leslie sansone exerciseI don’t mind walking for exercising at all. I prefer to walk outside, but that’s not always possible because of the weather and the fact that the roads near my house don’t have any room along the sides or sidewalk to walk on. I could drive to a walking trail, but – let’s be real – that is not something that’s going to happen on a regular basis.

Enter Leslie Sansone’s Just Walk DVDs.

I absolutely love these DVDs. I can walk any time of day and feel like I’m getting a nice workout. I don’t need very much room because most of it is in just one place. There are easier and more strenuous workouts on each DVD so I can decide if I just want to warm up and get my heart going a little bit or if I want to all out sweat. [Frankly, I don’t choose that option very often.] They make me feel better since I’m exercising and because her “walkers” smile through all the programs and I find myself smiling back at the TV without consciously trying.

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The Princess Spy By Melanie Dickerson | Book Review

Set in the time of knights and sword fights, The Princess Spy is a fun YA book. While there is some romance in the book it is not the central story. Mainly, the hero and heroine are fighting for their lives and the lives of her family. The events of the story ensure that their lives will never be the same again; but they mature throughout the story and view things in a better way at the end.

The story is in a time of walking or horseback riding, cheese and bread as a typical lunch, dungeons, secret passageways, and greedy aristocrats that want to take over more than they should. There is a variety of interesting characters sprinkled throughout but a lot of the time it is just the hero and heroine fleeing the villain’s men. The story jumps back and forth between their points of view without confusion or duplication. Including the different languages of German and English and the fact that the hero could not speak both languages made for some interesting moments and kept it true to life.

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