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The Shepherd’s Song By Duffey & Meyers | Book Review

The idea of this book intrigued me because of the way that the written Word is the central part of the story. I love to stick tracts here and there as I go places. I never know if they help anyone, but I have faith that if I put the Word out there the Lord will handle the rest.

The Shepherd’s Song: A Story of Second Chances is a collection of short stories that work through Psalm 23. [I really wish that they would have used the King James Version for the Psalm.] Each story focuses on 1 phrase of the psalm; and many have a connection to sheep.

Some of the short stories are reminiscent of O’Henry with a surprise twist at the end – which I enjoyed very much. Others ended as I expected, and yet others ended better than I expected. They take you from Washington, D.C. to Turkey, Italy, back across Europe then the ocean to Washington, D.C. Overall it has a bittersweet flavor; maybe because it is all about second chances.

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Tide And Tempest By Elizabeth Ludwig | Book Review

Tide and Tempest is book three in the Edge of Freedom series by Elizabeth Ludwig; but I enjoyed it even though it’s the only one of the series that I have read. I could tell where the characters from the other stories interacted with this story. If I read book 1 or 2 I’ll know a general outcome, but most of the time I figure that out anyway.

It did seem a bit slow to get started but everything gets set up just so for the climax. The main gist of the story is about finding a murderer and not getting killed; the romance is almost the subplot. There is quite a bit of violence and threats in the story. Most of the time the reader has the perspective of the hero or heroine; occasionally the view point is from the villian. Even though the reader has clues about the villian there is much that we don’t know so it’s easier to empathize with the main characters as they try to figure out what’s going on and what they should do.

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April Showers|Cover Song

April Showers coverThis song was published in 1921 for a Broadway show and first made popular by Al Jolson. The tune is by Louis Silvers and the lyrics are by B. G. DeSylva. It has been recorded by many artists since then, and it seemed appropriate to use it this time of year!

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Tips For Daily Vlogging | #VEDA

Things that help me with daily vlogging

vlogging tipsPlan out topics. They can be day specific like I planned or it could just be a bunch of different topics. There are lots of ideas online and VEDA brings out the idea lists. Having a topic to make a video about is half the battle!

Batch record. Sometimes this feels a bit like cheating – or is that just me? If you are doing a Day In The Life style video this won’t really work, but for my topic drive style it really helps to record several videos at a time. It also saves time because I have to set up camera, tripod, and lights each time. Scheduling through YouTube really cuts down my stress because it always seems to upload the slowest when I am in a hurry.

Plan at least a day ahead. Getting up in the morning and making a video for that same day is not a great plan. It’s possible that your viewers watch before they go to bed, but usually you will get more views if the video goes live in the morning. So use the video you record today as tomorrow’s daily vlog. It will be much less stressful – believe me.

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$150 Spring Fling Giveaway

gift card giveawayIsn’t it great to see green grass around the house instead of white snow?! The end of heavy snow, the sunshine, the robins in the yard, the green crocus sprouts pushing up through the dirt all make me want to throw a party!

Due to the fact that my floor is staying muddy because of spring rains and we now have twice as many coats strewn about the place because we alternate between heavy and light… I have decided to not throw a party at my house. Instead, I am taking part in an online party!

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