Sunday Poem ~ Contentment

Majestic Morning by John Lawrence

If you cannot see the mountains
Do not grumble or complain;
There is beauty in the flowers
As they grow upon the plain.
There is music in the bird’s singing;
There is magic in the sky…
For our God has given freely
Gifts like these with our supply.


If you cannot see the ocean
Do not go about and sigh;
Just you climb to some green hilltop
And then watch the clouds go by.
And then look down in the valley
At a field of waving wheat…
Life will seem much more worth living,
And your day will be complete.


There is beauty all around you
If you but the beauty see.
There is promise in a rainbow,
And a sermon in a tree.
Far-off scenes may often call you,
But I’m confident you’ll find
There are things a hand will give you
Peace of heart, contented mind.
by Helen E Maynard


  1. Mali Nandakumar says:

    Hi Jendi,
    I loved this poem. Would like to know more about Helen Maynard.

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