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trivial pursuitIt’s Trivia Day today in the USA! I like trivia – not that I know a ton of it, but I think it’s fun. Speaking of trivia – Jan. 4 is also Louis Braille and Jane Wyman’s birthday. And now that I just got sidetracked with pages of trivia online I’d like to ask, “Have you ever played Trivial Pursuit?”

When our newlywed status was just wearing off [after years of course] my husband and I decided to cut down on our movie and TV viewing. We got rid of the time waster, but needed to fill those hours with another entertainment. We started playing games and one of those was Trivial Pursuit. It was one of the few that we could enjoy with only 2 people. Okay, so we changed the rules a bit; but we had fun. I learned some things for sure, and I learned that there was a whole lot more I could learn.

You know what I learned most of all? After a little bit, all those hours that we thought we had to fill were not empty anymore and our lives were full without us having to come up with activities. So the moral of the story is that if there is something you need to keep out of your life plan a replacement for it to keep yourself occupied. Then after a bit you won’t need to fill anything in and your life will be better for the cleaning out.

A time to get, and a time to lose: a time to keep, and a time to cast away. Ecclesiastes 3:6

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