After 9 Years I Went To The Dentist

toothNo, I’m not recommending you wait 9 years to get your teeth checked. I was busy having babies and raising them. Then we didn’t have insurance for a while and somehow…if your teeth don’t hurt it’s easy to just leave them be.

We now have dental coverage so I took the plunge and scheduled all of us the same day. Way to mess up the office personnel. [5 new patients with the same last name all in one morning - hee-hee] Here’s my video update where I look extremely tired and show my teeth. [What was I thinking?]


  1. You sound like us! My kids all went to the dentist last week. Some, including my seven year old, for the first time. In the past fourteen or so years, I’ve been to the dentist twice (not including the multiple callbacks associated with the last visit) and my husband still hasn’t been. Not recommended, but I get it. When it’s take everyone to the dentist or take everyone to the beach, the choice has been clear. The teeth, no in the clear so much.
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