Old-Fashioned Christmas | Sunday Poem

old fashioned christmas

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

I’d like to push the Calendar
Back fifty years or so
And celebrate my Christmas
As they did so long ago.

A tree of green would grace my room
With candles shining bright,
And popcorn strings, and homemade things
Would fill me with delight.

I’d make a gift or two for each
One in my family
And hide them until Christmas
When I’d place them ‘neath the tree.

The snow that fell upon the ground
Would last all winter long.
I’d ride a one-horse open sleigh
And sing a Christmas song.

The family would go to church
Through snow on Christmas morn
And listen to the story of
When Jesus Christ was born.

They didn’t have the worries of
A shopping tour each day
To outdo one another
With their gifts on Christmas Day.

Christmas many years ago
Was a splendid thing.
It was the day to celebrate
The birthday of our King!

~ Patricia Mongeau

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