Drinking Jello

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During my growing up years my mom would make me liquid Jello to drink when I was sick.  So, now it’s kind of a comfort thing for me.  Except for the orange.  I don’t like to drink the orange flavor.  The red’s are my favorite and green is good, but not orange or yellow.

So, continuing the tradition I made liquid Jello for the kids and I last night.  My husband is not interested in it when it’s liquid.  He says that he will eat what’s left after it hardens.

The 17 month old drank hers right down and went to sleep.  The 4 year old drank half of his and wanted the rest at breakfast the next day.  Too late, Mommy drank it.

The 3 year old helped me stir it, and was eager to try it.

Me: “Here you go.  Be careful, it’s still pretty warm.”

Her:  “Okay.  It’s not too hot.  I will like it.  What is it?”

Two sips and a funny face later: “I don’t like it.”

Me:  “You don’t have to drink it.”

Two more sips:”I don’t want it.”

Me:  “Just set your cup on the counter.”

5 minutes later and two more sips: “Why did you make this?”

Me: “Because I like it.  If you don’t then don’t drink it.”

Two more sips and another funny face:”I don’t like it and I don’t want it.”

By this time she had half of it gone.  After she went to bed I finished it.

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  1. says

    Growing up my uncle (only 10 yrs older than me) would drink jello – only way he would consume it. I don’t blame him! The consistency of jello has always bothered me – and I rarely eat it except for my mil’s rainbow jello which is great.

  2. Karyyk says

    It’s funny, the reason I’m reading this right now is because a friend of mine told me his Jello cold/sore throat remedy and I’m so desperate for relief that I’m trying it right now. I don’t know how much it’s helping the sore throat (seems to be, at least a little), but I could see myself drinking this again… It’s not bad.

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