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silver keyI started blogging in 2007 and honestly didn’t even try to make money the first year – except for one network ad in my sidebar that sent me $10 a month. Wow.

In 2008 I was ready to start raking in the dough. Just write lots of fun stuff, interact, and make money! Wrong. It doesn’t work that way. Sadly, I got caught up in the popularity contest. A lot of bloggers dream of having a really popular blog so a really popular company will contact them and give them money. [I’m sticking to generics on purpose.] It becomes all about traffic which turns into a huge popularity contest – ¬†and why some feel like the blogosphere and high school are similar.

In 2009 two big things changed my thinking. At a conference I attended the speakers kept spouting about traffic, popularity, networking, blah-blah-blah. BUT I heard a little bit about affiliate marketing and was intrigued. The second thing was a lady that sat beside me. She was a single mom that supported herself and her children through working online. At that point I stopped listening to the speakers and focused on her. She pointed me to Mom Masterminds.

After the conference I checked out Mom Masterminds and the ladies behind it. That was my first introduction to Kelly McCausey. I applied to be her intern on her Mom’s Talk Network and was accepted! I worked 10 weeks for lifetime access to Mom Masterminds and some awesome products. During that internship I was exposed to many ways of making money online that didn’t require me to be popular, the cream of the crop, or sell my online space to a company. It totally changed my way of thinking and gave me real answers to my questions.

The Silver Key includes…

Lifetime Access to all of Kelly’s current products and anything new she releases in 2013.

The total for all of those would be about $700.00, but she’s only asking $247.00 I think she’s crazy, but I know that she truly cares about moms that work at home. She’s proven herself to me personally many times. I totally trust Kelly McCausey.

You don’t have to be a blogger or information marketer to take advantage of this. Kelly has experience with many different types of online businesses – even direct sales. If she hasn’t had personal experience with it she will find someone good to refer you to.

Go check out Kelly’s Silver Key¬†right now!

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