How Not To Make A Top Bunk Bed

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Putting clean sheets on a top bunk bed is difficult for me. That’s putting it mildly.

It’s almost as many contortions as 20 minutes of Pilates, but it’s worse because there is no one telling me what to do or being ridiculously cheerful.

Kneeling on the bed to strip the sheets is easy enough, but I can’t reach the bed while standing on the floor to put the sheets back on. I am only 5 feet 1 and a half inches tall flat-footed. (Don’t forget that half an inch. I’m sure it’s important.) I even climb the ladder to cover my daughter.

First I grab the mattress cover and wrestle it on. Not too bad so far.

Then the fitted sheet. I always run into trouble with the fitted sheet. Kneeling on the mattress and pulling up the corner of it just doesn’t make much sense. If you know another way to do it I’d be ever so grateful if you’d let me in on the secret.

One time I actually threw my left leg over the side to push off the floor. Praise the Lord I didn’t shift my weight.

By this time the kids figure out where I am and come climbing up to “help” me. Oh boy and oh girl!

Thank you kiddos. I love you. I’m glad you want to help. Now get off the bed!

After multiple trips up and down the ladder, I finally get the bed made.

This is why I was elated when the daughter that sleeps in the top bunk held her throw-up in the whole way to the bathroom. (Too much info?)

Someone needs to invent something to help short people make the bed on the top bunk.

Do any of you have top bunks that you have to make? If you’re tall and can reach from the floor I don’t want to know about it.

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  1. Hannah says

    I always sat on the end of the bed and lifted the mattress. Talk about contortion! There’s only 2-2/12 ft. between the mattress and the ceiling in the girls’ room and the top bunk was mine. Then I just reached up and tucked the sheet as far under as I could at the bottom for the top sheet. I don’t believe there is a neat way to make a top bunk.

  2. Rob says

    We have the same problem but we decided that the top bunk is too high to really see, so once the fitted sheet goes on, the kids can do the rest on top. Neat or not. Besides once all 100 of the stuffed animals go on, it is covered again :)

  3. says

    No, we don’t owe bunkbeds (even though I am slightly tall), but you’ve convinced me that no matter how many children we have, that we will NEVER own one! =)

    Kayes last blog post..Short Break

  4. Faithers says

    Well, I don’t have bunk beds now but I did growing up and in college. I used to stand on something at the end of the bed and reach over the end rail to make the bed. It means moving whatever I am standing on from end to end and finish it but it was easier than sitting on the bed and making it(yeah I used to do it that way too!!)

  5. Rachael says

    I have a bunkbed at where I’m staying. In my uni dorm, I share with this girl who pays me to do the top bunk for her. I guess I do it the same way as you.

  6. Chris says

    How your post made me laugh, it brings back the memories of when I was a child and had bunk beds and watching my mum (always on a wednesday) going through the exact same ritual. It is amazing how some things never change over the years, maybe that is an idea for a bunk bed automatic maker device :-)
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Kids Bunk Beds =-.

  7. Heather says

    We’ve had a bunk bed for 2 weeks and I’m having the same problem. Being only 1 inch taller than you! I’m wishing I could take the mattress off and make it like I did with the crib. One thing that makes making the kids’ beds a lot easier (all kids beds) is to do away with the top sheet and just have a comforter or duvet. I was inspired by a trip to Europe where all beds are made that way.

    • says

      My daughter prefers just a comforter. My only fault with it is that it’s harder to wash and dry.

      Hang in there – it will get easier to make the beds. Or the kids will get old enough to do it themselves. :)

  8. Holly says

    Our bunk beds have removable ladder. I move the ladder so I can stand with one foot on it for balance. I start at the top of the bed and do one corner, then the other top corner. Then I get on the actual bed, and do one of the bottom corners, usually the one farthest from me. I move the ladder again and stand on it. Then I pull the final corner towards me and pull it on. It’s fairly easy to do, and less of a hassle.

  9. Holly says

    I place the mattress atop of the side walls, strip the sheets and bed spread, then i make the bed again while the mattress is still on top of the side walls and then drop it hoping everything goes in its place! One side usually lays where it should but the other side does not. So I am stuck climbing and tucking! I thought of trying those elastic things with clips on each end then dropping the mattress. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  10. Susan says

    I use a step stool and the bunk bed ladder to reach the top. I put the step stool at the opposite end of the bed from the ladder. To tuck in the fitted sheet I take the spatula (the skinny rubber spatula that’s used as a bowl scraper) from the kitchen and after the sheet is lined up, I use the spatula to tuck in the sheet. It works better than your hand, although I still feel like I am wrestling the bed.

  11. says

    I know this is an older post but I have to reply. I hate ours, too. We have no other option for our girls and we are on our second bunk bed. And the newer one is taller than the original one! Luckily, the rails can be removed so putting the fitted sheets on is much easier. It is the flat sheet and comforter that drive me nuts!

    I pull the bed out from the wall in a pivot after removing all of the stuffed animals (why do they need so many of the blasted things???). The side against the wall isn’t so bad as I can stand on the bottom bunks’ rail (also short, 5’2.5″, and yes, that half inch is important). It is the other side that makes me cringe. I think I will have to carry a step stool with me from now on. I just fell while trying to get that flat sheet on. It was the one time I was happy my daughter had so many stuffed toys because otherwise I would have done a header into a dresser.

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