Science Crafts For Kids In The Wonder Box

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Did you notice the trend this summer of mailing kid’s activities? I admit it appeals to me because I’m not fond of shopping and I never seem to have quite everything necessary for any particular craft. My oldest daughter has gotten pretty good with “making do” with whatever we have at the time.

When contacted me about reviewing a Wonder Box I was interested. My kids were intrigued as soon as they saw the box. I was too. It’s a unique box with a sticker on top and science questions on the sides.

kids crafts

If you click on the image you can get a larger view.

The box had been shook up by my children, through the mail, and more; so I was curious to see how the contents held up. It was packaged very well – and looked pretty when we opened it. I was impressed. They wanted to tear it open and rip into everything at one time, but I purposely slowed them down so I could see what it was, have some interaction, and ok – take pictures for the blog. I highly recommend that you supervise the activities and hand them out one at a time if you want to get some extra learning out of the crafts.

Since the Wonder Box is created for ages 3-6 I declared that my youngest could was the owner of the box, but had to share with the other 2. Those are the appropriate ages. My older 2 were interested because it was new, but it would definitely hold more wonder for ages 3-6. Now, the magnet activity – that’s fun even for me!

Our box was the Mad Scientist assortment with an I Spy Bottle activity [lower left 2 pictures in the collage], Magnet Magic and Color Bingo [middle right picture], and a shape thing with pictures as an extra treat [bottom right picture], plus a Bubble Bread recipe. The activities were well packaged and colorful. The instructions were easy to understand and included the science information. There were only 2 Bingo cards so we used the shape stickers to make one more Bingo board so each one of my kids could have their own.

Here’s some information directly from them:

  • Each Wonder Box includes instructions and everything needed to complete 3 creative, hands-on projects that explore a theme kids love (like “Once Upon a Time or “The Mad Scientist”).
  • We work with our team of teachers and curriculum experts to choose activities that build critical kindergarten skills.
  • Parents and kids test all the activities to make sure their fun-factors get top marks.
  • We include only the highest quality materials.
  • Every recipient gets access to an exclusive web page full of additional activity ideas.
  • We offer a number of different subscription options and several gift packages. (Prices start at $19.99 per month)

Once I read over things and did some with them I walked away and it kept my children busy for a whole afternoon. I was actually a bit surprised that they didn’t leave everything in a pile. They carried off the stuff and incorporated the things into their usual play. The I Spy bottle is on a dresser, the magnet wand is in with the magnetix, etc.

Since my children are mostly out of the age range I would not purchase this for our family; but if yours are 3-6 years old you might want to check out the Wonder Box – OR if you have grandchildren that age and want an easy to ship present.

Disclosure: I was sent a box to review in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and pictures are 100% my own.

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