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Dear readers – friends, family, and random strangers,

I know that I have not been posting consistently on this site. I still love this blog and am not shutting it down – especially because I just renewed the hosting for 3 years. [Hellooo] In case you’ve been losing sleep wondering why I’ve gone from posting every day to hardly posting at all, I’ve decided to put your mind at ease.

Here’s the thing. I recently got 3 new freelance jobs that are consistent and unending for the foreseeable  future. When I have a choice between a job that pays and my website that – frankly doesn’t pay very well – the jobs win. My days are full. My to-do list is full. My family wants to eat every day, and they prefer to wear clean clothes. [Can you believe it!?] So guess what gets pushed aside – yep, this here blog. Don’t worry; It hasn’t gotten so bad that I go without showers…yet. [j/k]

Here’s my plan for this blog [which is subject to change at any time and if it stays true to type probably will change almost as soon as I make a plan].

  1. I have a list of book reviews that I’ve committed to in the coming months. [If I don’t read part of me shrivels and dies; and book reviews mean free books mailed to me so that’s a no-brainer.]
  2. Sunday poems are easy to type and schedule so I plan to keep them coming weekly.
  3. I started doing quick & casual vlogs with the webcam because with 500 subscribers it’s a good idea to keep feeding the YouTube channel. I’ve embedded a widget on the top of my home page that will show the most recent video without me having to do any extra steps for each video.

I have this problem with packing my schedule too full…so that’s all I’m going to put in writing/typing for now. There are lots of places to keep up with me online. Check the top right hand sidebar for the social media platform of your choice and send me a hello!


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