Thousand-Legger Horror Story

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A while ago I wrote about My Aversion to Thousand-Leggers or millipedes or centipedes, or whatever they’re called.  That post has continued to get some comments that are horrifying!  Here is the scariest one:

From Cortney:

EEEWWW!!! I ABSOLUTELY HATE THESE THINGS!!! One day, while cleaning my bathroom, I pulled the shower curtain back and threw it over the curtain rod to get it out of the way. As I did this, I felt something land on my head, in my hair. I didn’t think much of it. I just thought maybe it was a drop of water from the curtain since my husband had just got out of the shower, and the curtain was still wet. I went to wipe it off with my hand, and to my horrible surprise, it wasn’t wet. I felt a large, squishy, “fuzzy”… thing. Not knowing what it was, I freaked. I swiped it out of my hair, and watched it fall and land in the tub. It was a thousand legger!!! EEEK!!! He hit the floor of the tub and tried to scurry to safety in the drain. Safety??? I don’t think so!!! There is no “safety” for a thousand legger in MY home!!! I kill ‘em as I see ‘em!!! Well… my hubby usually kills ‘em as HE sees ‘em, but he had already left for work. So, it was up to me.

I grabbed my bottle of shower cleaner and commenced to drowning the bugger in a pool of bleach. However, to my chagrin, he laughed at my attempt to destroy him. He turned around and ran up the side of the tub… toward ME!!! Convinced that it was either do, or die; him, or me… I took action. I squished him with my shoe. VICTORY!!! To ensure that this disgusting creature was gone, and never, ever coming back… I scooped him up in a paper towel, dumped him in the toilet, and sent him on a final trip along the “porcelain expressway”. YAY!!!

The art of killing them is the same as killing any other intruder. A good, heavy swat of a shoe will do the job. However, to keep them from showing their ugly faces again… I have been informed to air out, and keep dry any areas of the home that may retain moisture. They prefer dark, damp areas. They typically hibernate during the day, and come out at night to eat… other insects. So, I was also told to control any other insects in the home. Try not to supply them with a “buffet”. Also, clear out any dead or decaying plants, leaves, etc… outside, around the home. I was told they like to hang out there, as well. So, if you can keep the inside of your home free of excess moisture, and keep other insect invasions at bay, and clear out any thousand-legger-friendly plants from outside… HOPEFULLY, you shouldn’t see too many of these nasty creatures. Good luck to all!!!

Thank you Cortney!  As soon as I finish shuddering I’m going to put more fans in the bathroom.  It doesn’t matter how many people tell me that “they’re good – they eat other bugs.”  I don’t like them!

These nasty creatures seem to be most abundant in Pennsylvania.  Anybody in other states plagued with them?

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  1. says

    oh my …. i really wish I wasn’t sitting here munching my power bar right now ….I abhor bugs of any kind. blech!
    .-= Fiona´s last blog ..Happy 13th Anniversary To Us =-.
    Hope that power bar went down okay.

  2. Heidi P. says

    Yes, we have them here in Chicago! I see them every so often in the bathroom or dark places in the basement. I really hate those little guys. My 7 yr old son loves anything that crawls, so he is my go to for help! He will scoop anything up and take it outside.
    So they made it to Illinois. That’s the kind of help to have!

  3. Jocelyn says

    I have them here in MN! My apartment is in a basement, so I see them lots. They make me shiver. I have totally done the spray them with bleach and turn on the hot shower to wash them down the drain!
    .-= Jocelyn´s last blog ..China Doll =-.

  4. Andrea says

    eeeeww! i hate those too… i think it’s the same thing you usually see living in old books, newspapers or dark areas like cupboards and drawers… i think they’re called silverfish… brrrrr…

  5. eric says

    i was just looking online for solutions to controlling these. i live in Pennsylvania and we sure got em. Unfortunately we have a very old house with a damp basement, so i have no idea how to put a permanent stop to them.

    • lee martin says

      We have these hundred leg bullies in our building also, what really deters them is an insecticide called Ortho. And get some pure borac aacid and powdered sugar, and mix it together to form a poisonous solution. Put it down in hidden places where they like to roam, they will mistaken it for sugar. They will eat the stuff not knowing about the borac acid, the borac acid will get on them. Kill them and as they trac the stuff back to their nest, destroy all their eggs also.

  6. Andrea Monti says

    No need to “hate” God’s creatures. Although I understand how they can be quite creepy to our sensibilities — with all those legs! Just quickly cover them with a clear cup (to avoid accidently squishing their legs), slide a stiff paper over the opening and release them to another location. As christians we are called to gentleness whenever possible. As for mosquitos . . . .

  7. Mary says

    I have captured one of these so called thousand leggers. They are not so bad. Sure, they are poisones (I think) but their mouths are like a daddy longleggs. Too small to bite. So, there really is no need to hate them.

  8. johnny says

    there here in Baltimore. I see them when it rains..Actually, this year alone two insects popped up in Baltimore..the Stink bug and that thousand legger..

  9. Melissa says

    Hello, my name is melissa, i live in Cleveland Ohio and we have them like crazy too. We live next to a park and they are everywhere. Because of all the trees and the creeks in the park, there is constantly thousand leggers everywhere around my home. While i think they are disgusting and i do kill them on site they are not the scaryiest bugs i have seen in or around my home. About a month ago i went to my window just too look out and see what it was doing outside. As i pulled back my curtain i got a not so plesant suprise. I had a huge black beetle with huge black pinchers outside stuck to my screen! Ewwwww it was about as long as my ring finger and as wide as a neosporen tube. Most disgusting thing i have ever seen. So i made my girl friend go outside and kill it so it wouldnt get in. We also are swarmed with those big orangey beetles. They are also pretty grose i must say. Those and any other bugs in or around my house r killed on site, and i do not feel bad about it.

  10. debra says

    we have them too in columbia tenn was on the web just now trying to figure out what they were. Never saw them till I was at a friends house ahhhhhhhhh!!

  11. Kate says

    Previously I’ve always thought those are absolutely disgusting but they eat bed bugs which are far more disgusting bedbugs feed on us. :)

  12. Tina says

    I think their beautiful creatures, especially the cascading way the legs move when walking. I’d never kill them. In fact, I’m glad to see them in my home. For me to see one that is big means its doing its job of eating other insects. They keep to themselves & don’t bother people so why are you maniac’s killing them??

  13. jonathanFLUER says

    I love them when i was a kid i would pick them up and put the m in a jar also i kept them as a pet i loove them so much my friend hate to hear of the see them and look at them i also have one as a pet today lol xD I LOVE THOUSAND LEGGERS!!!!!!!1111

  14. Ryan Styles says

    My parents bought a house here in Ohio last summer, they wondered why the windows were not open during the summer when they showed the house but figured it was because the people preferred the air conditioner. WRONG!! The first night they owned the place, we finished moving them in late that night and were all planning on crashing on the couches since nothing was unpacked. I turned on the lights and to my horror the inside of the house was crawling with thousand loggers like the one shown in the glass at the top of the page. There were over four hundred of them killed that night, in every space in the 1500 square foot house. They called an exterminator and he informed them that he could spray and bomb the house, but it would do nothing to them because they are extremely hardy and most pesticides have little effect on them. He said that all of the surrounding vegetation next to the house should be removed first, and then dehumidify the house as much as possible but it was going to take a while to kill them all. FYI these little bastards have an extremely long life span, some up to ten years!!! No joke check it out. If you end up with an infestation, first start by removing any and all vegetation that is with in ten feet of the house, and these little pest can fit through any opening 1mm or larger so good luck if you think you can seal them out of the house. I hate these little bastards, and I don’t care what anyone else says about it. They are not poisonous here in the mid-west, but they do leave a welt if the bite you.

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