Trying For A Natural Life

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kneading pizza doughSome meals I feel proud about. Often Sunday dinners are preservative free and healthy. Then for supper we have pizza and ice cream. That pretty much sums up how I’m doing so far. Moments of breakthrough with moments of, “Oh whatever.”

Why am I trying for a natural life?

When I say “natural” I’m thinking of chemical free. I’m not worrying about the earth; I’m worrying about our health. Yes, I’ve survived and am doing just fine, but my children are exposed to more chemical laden things than I was and if I can prevent some of that I will. Think about it – for my generation a lot of mothers still used real potatoes and natural foods because that’s what there was. Now there are so many boxes, cans, etc. that a child can go a whole day or longer without eating food as it was grown. The thing I’m striving for is to have the things that go in or on our bodies as close to the way God created them as possible.

What have I been doing? real {fast} food

  • I’ve added some plants inside the house as natural air filters; let’s just hope I can keep them alive.
  • We are still staying away from the Kool-aid even though my kids have started asking for it.
  • I’m using a from scratch taco seasoning along with the sloppy joe seasoning we love. I’ll post the taco seasoning after I tweak it a bit more. It’s just ok right now.
  • Staying status quo on toiletries right now. I have got to put that info sheet in my purse so I can check ingredients.
  • Did some canning all by myself!
  • Haven’t bought or eaten Ramen Noodles for about a year. That’s pretty good because I used to go through a case over the winter.
  • Checking ingredients for Red 40 and other dyes and trying to avoid those foods. So far the hardest thing to avoid with dyes has been Doritoes, but since I watched the following video I have avoided buying Doritoes and looked for chips, mixes, and pretzels without Red 40. Did you ever take note of how many kids cereals have red 40 in them? I’m battling that now too.

I feel like I have a lot to learn, but I’m heading in the right direction. It feels good to even just be aware of some things and teach my children about what is better for them.

Websites / People To Learn About A Natural Life from:

body scrubs

  1. Choose Wiser / Kristi Marsh
  2. A Delightful Home / Stacy
  3. Pure Natural Diva / Tania
  4. Real Fast Food Ebook by Trina
  5. Beth Aldrich videos
  6. Anyone you recommend?

Here are the rest of my posts about my journey towards a chemical free life. I honestly don’t how it will end – or how long it will take me.

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