Two Books By Francena Arnold

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Several years ago my friend was saying how much she loved these books. It has been years since I read them so I ordered them through PaperBackSwap and let them sit on the shelf for a couple years. Last week I read through  Not My Will and it’s sequel The Light in My Window by Francena Arnold. Even though they were first written in 1946 and 1950 they were as good as I remembered and as she said.

I cried and laughed, frowned and smiled my way through both of the stories. The messages of salvation and surrender in Not My Will are timeless; as is the message of being a servant for the Lord in The Light In My Window. I was able to understand and enjoy it as a teenager. As a mother and adult I processed the stories differently but enjoyed them just as much.

Francena H. Arnold was a school teacher, talented storyteller, mother of four children, and author of nine novels. Her first, Not My Will, was originally written “just for the eyes of the family.” Raised in rural Illinois, Francena lived with her husband, Frank, in the Chicago area. Published by Moody Bible Institute.

I got to thinking while searching for information about Francena Arnold. She does not have a website, and only an empty Facebook fan page. There is not a lot of personal information about her, but her first book [Not My Will] which was originally written only for family is all over the web and the world. Her encouraging and thought provoking stories have endured the test of time.

Now, today, writers can get instant gratification by publishing immediately online, but how long will our words endure? Do they make people think? Do they encourage? It just makes me think.

I got these books all by myself through PaperBackSwap –  love that site! Nobody asked me to write about them. I do have affiliate links in this post.

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  1. Faith says

    These are the best books ever…. they will forever be my favorite!! I try to read Not My Will once a year since the first time I read it about 15 years ago!! I think everyone I talk to about books I suggest that on. Absolutely the best!! 😀

  2. Ronda says

    I first read this book as a teenager and have loved it ever since; I am now 48! I am trying to encourage my children to read these books. It has taken me awhile to find copies of Francena Arnold’s books as mine have worn from reading and loaning them to others who often not as careful as I would be. I fell in love with “Not My Will” so much that I named my first son after Eleanor’s son, Chad. My son, Chad, is a freshman at Hyles-Anderson Bible College in Crown Point, Indiana. He is pursuing ‘pastoral theology’. So grateful to the Lord for the work in Mrs.Arnold’s life so that many of us can enjoy her books and the story of salvation over and over again!!!

  3. Barbara Graham says

    I happened on your page here and wanted to say that those are two of my all-time favorites! I have just finished re-reading them and feel that my spiritual life has been abundantly blessed by the wonderful truths contained in them. A new friend gave me a copy of Not My Will about 40 years ago and I read it and shared it with many people, including my three daughters who were teenagers at the time. We later came upon Light in My Window and added it to our collection. They all love to read, as I do, and so do my granddaughters! I love to read and always have several books “going” at once, in addition to the precious Word of God. By the way, I will be 80 years old in August, but still feel “young in heart.” My husband and I are still very much in love and will celebrate 58 years of marriage in October.

  4. says

    I am Francena Arnold’s grandson and wanted to thank you for this post. I cited it in Grandma’s Wikipedia entry:

    I also cited it in this longer version that I used on my own blog:

    She was a remarkable woman and an outstanding writer. I know the rest of her family is pleased with what you wrote about her books.
    Steve Buttry´s last blog post ..Francena H. Arnold (Grandma) has her Wikipedia entry — finally

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