Veggie Tales The Little House That Stood | Movie Review

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I personally know people that are antiVeggieTales, proVeggieTales, and really-don’t-care-about-VeggieTales. My husband and I enjoyed watching them before we had kids, and then when we had kids we weren’t so sure about VeggieTales. Sounds backwards, doesn’t it?

These days when people ask us about them our reply is something like this: They are a fun, clean cartoon; but don’t use them to teach Bible stories. They are entertainment. While we appreciate the fact that they are teaching character lessons with Bible stories and cartoons we didn’t let our children watch the VeggieTales based on Bible Stories until they were old enough to know the actual Bible story from the Bible. There are VeggieTale DVDs that are based on literary classics that we did let them watch. While I don’t always approve of the music used in the cartoons, I do like knowing that there will be no taking of the Lord’s name in vain, no extreme violence, and no crude innuendos – which I can’t say about very many popular cartoons.

Having said all that I would like to present my review of their new DVD Veggie Tales: The Little House That Stood. At first I was really leery when the characters started talking about mixing Mother Goose and Bible Stories. [Oh man – I also know some people that are really anti-Mother Goose.] It boiled down to a cute story about building on a solid foundation. It was not clear what that foundation should be – just that it should be solid. I actually liked the second story better that was just based on nursery rhymes and a moral lesson. I think it’s funny when the vegetables dress up as other things; Bob the tomato was an egg that chased Little Bo Peep’s missing sheep. Again, I look at it like clean & fun entertainment – not a Bible story lesson.

I guess that I should confess that Silly Songs with Larry is the part I look forward to the most. Yes, they are silly but sometimes my life could use a little silly. Below is the silly song from the new DVD – which brings up a question. Why is it funny when Larry mumble sings with something in his mouth? I smile at it every time!

Disclosure: The DVD was sent to me for review; I added my affiliate link. All opinions and words are my own. You can find out more, find crafts, games, coloring pages, etc. at

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