Yielded Captive By Dalaina May | Book Review

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When Dalaina contacted me through email and asked if I would review her book, Yielded Captive, I didn’t know what to expect. I said yes because she asked and because the story sounded interesting. When I received the book I was impressed with the quality and put it in my pile of books to be read. While it fits in physically with my pile of books it is very different inside.

I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s not an easy read. The story line immersed me in a type of lifestyle that I know nothing about.  It made me wince with sympathy pain, smile with rejoicing, and ponder several things even after I put the book down.

The author is able to write well about the area because she is living in Peru. It’s true to say that the story is well written and contains a clear message of sin, submission to God, and God’s power. The heroine’s life changes dramatically in every way: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What Allison endured through the story I never want to go through, and I don’t know that I would be strong enough if I had to. I would say that the hero in this story is God. Yes, there’s a male lead character, but the heroine’s true love and source of strength is God. All of the characters are well portrayed and I enjoyed the male lead’s story as well as his parents sub plot.

Would I read another of Dalaina May’s books? Absolutely, and I’ll be a little more prepared for the next one.

—> I have to add this message that was at the bottom of Dalaina’s email because it sums up the message of this book:

You cannot find security in what God is doing because He commits you to the impossible; He asks you to see the invisible; He calls you to do the outrageous. There is no security in that place. There is no security in what God is doing. There is only security in who God is.

Here is the backcover copy:

Lord, this was not how it was supposed to end. 

Allison Carter had dedicated her life to being a missionary in the jungles of Peru. Now she was being dragged into an unknown future by the very people she had come to reach.

They had attacked without warning or provocation. With her infant son in her arms and her husband, Eric, lying facedown with an arrow in his back, death seemed preferable to captivity in a primitive tribe with customs and mindsets alien to her own.

 But Allison had to stay alive—if only to protect Isaac—to raise him to fear the one true God …

… that same God who had allowed her to suffer so much?

Stubborn as she was in resisting her abusive captors, Allison’s greatest battle was not with them, but with the God she thought she knew. 

Why did He not rescue her? Where was He in her suffering? Could He still be trusted with Isaac’s and her future?

You can find more information at the author’s site. You can read the first chapter at Yielded Captive.com. Published by Pioneers. This book was sent to me by the author for a book review. The words are fully my own and my affiliate link is in this post.

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